opening night

I just got home from the opening-night performance of the play I’m in (Sordid Lives). My dress rehearsal was godawful, so I’m vastly relieved to say that my personal performance tonight went very well, as did the entire show.

Our venue is a black-box theatre at the Kentucky Center for the Arts — a flexible, intimate space with the audience on three sides. The maximum number of seats is about 100, and tonight we had about 40 people there (an excellent crowd for a Thursday-night opening with a forecast of freezing rain and possibly snow). The audience was excellent, laughing early and often. And the Courier-Journal sent a reviewer; we’ll see what he/she says on Saturday.

If you’re nearby and have $15 to spend on a funny, R-rated 2-1/2 hours of entertainment that also carries a message of love and tolerance, come by and see us from now until Feb. 10!

One response to “opening night

  1. Hi, I came across your blog on google and wanted to wish you the best of luck with your production of Sordid Lives. I produced the L.A. stage revival and the national tour in 2006 as well as starred as “Ty”. We just finished filming the TV series version, “Sordid Lives: The Series”, and I play “Ty” in it as well. It’s even funnier than the movie/play, if you can imagine.
    Please tell your cast that Del Shores and I send our best!
    jason dottley

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