food for a political junkie

Hi. My name is Tiffany, and I’m a political junkie.

I woke up much earlier than usual this morning just so I could check ReaclClearPolitics and listen to NPR for the Super Tuesday results. We intended to watch results on TV last night, but the storms in our area instead caused the local stations to feature All Weather, All the Time (or, as I like to call it, Dueling Weathermen). That’s right, we don’t have cable, so we couldn’t switch to CNN.

I’m delighted by Obama’s showing yesterday; that the race remains so close; that so many states’ primaries will figure into the equation this year; and that my vote in May will apparently actually count for something!

It’s a fun election season for those of us who can’t get enough vote tallies and exit-poll data.

2 responses to “food for a political junkie

  1. For a change, I’m actually excited about the election season.

    The “dueling weathermen” is a wonderful way of depicting them.

  2. (In 12-step support group fashion)

    Hi, Tiffany!

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