just can’t wait to get on the road again

Tomorrow morning, we leave on a 4,000-mile road trip. Yeah, I know gas is $4/gal. But this is the summer for us to do this trip. We’re heading to the southwest, to see kinds of scenery that cornfields / trees / rivers people like us are definitely not used to.

We plan to post pictures along the way — once we’ve crossed the first 1,000 miles and come to something worth taking pictures of.
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3 responses to “just can’t wait to get on the road again

  1. Holy crap. I once took a trip like that in a van with my mom, brother, sister, stepdad, and dog. To Seattle.

    As a high school kid on summer break, southern Idaho is not the number one place I’d have liked to be.

  2. No dogs in the car, thanks! We drive a Saturn Vue, which I think is classified as a small or medium SUV, so both kids have plenty of room. We’re aiming to get across the boring parts of the mid U.S. ASAP so we can then spend our days driving relatively few miles, on scenic roads as opposed to highways, and looking at mountains and the kind of scenery we usually only see in Westerns. Both kids are pretty pumped — but it helps that they’ve both got phones with cameras and unlimited texting so they don’t ever have to be completely separated from their friends (except for the occasional cell-phone-reception black hole in the middle of the godforsaken wildernesses of Utah and Arizona).

  3. I’m ever so tempted to text you saying: “Are we there yet?” at odd intervals during the day. I want point for acting with restraint. :)=

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