so long, big guy

I love my kitties. I dream of a house full of happy, purring cats that play, eat, sleep — and reliably use either a cat box or the great outdoors. But for the third time, we have a cat that is breaking the rules, and I will not keep a cat that uses the house as a litterbox.

Tomorrow, I must say goodbye to my deskmate, Archie: our big, soft, lazy, always-indoors, purring, attention-demanding, striped boy. For reasons known only to himself, he’s decided that deep-pile carpet is the place to go. He’s happy, and the litterboxes are plentiful; but he’s developed a preference for carpet, and research and experience indicate that he isn’t likely to change.

I’d give up our two dogs in a heartbeat (I only tolerate them, and will never voluntarily have another). I love cats so much, and yet I must let another one go. It’s hugely unfair, and I am heartbroken.

2 responses to “so long, big guy

  1. Sorry to hear it, but great decision. We had two at one point that used our bedroom carpet—every inch of it—as a litterbox, and it reeked. A six-month bedroom ban usually did the trick, but there would always be the eventual relapse.

    Want our cat instead? We’re dog people!

  2. Make sure he doesn’t have some kind of urinary infection. Cats will pee in strange places to show you that they are sick. We had a cat who started peeing in the tub, so he could show us something was wrong. He had a very bad urinary tract infection.

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