please, please, please

Last night, we watched Barack Obama’s acceptance speech in the company of friends. 1100 miles from Denver, our group consisted of about 1/4000th as many people as filled the stadium where he spoke, but we shared every bit of their joy, excitement, and fervor.

Several times during the video that introduced the speech and during the speech itself, I was near tears — not from what Obama said or the way he said it, although both were extremely powerful; but from the sheer intensity of my desire for this man to be the next President of the United States.

He must win the election. He must.

5 responses to “please, please, please

  1. Prepare to be disappointed. Whether or not Obama is elected prepare to be disappointed.

  2. As Carol keeps reminding me, we have to keep pushing BEYOND November: Election is just the first step — it’s a sine qua non, to be sure, but it isn’t the whole ball of wax . If our candidate wins the election and we then sit back and see what he is going to do for us, then we will most certainly be disappointed. If this is truly a *movement* for change, our involvement, our insistence must continue.

  3. I shall of course Barack the vote on November 4th.

  4. The world is watching this election with great interest – I hope that Obama can live up to the expectations so many are placing on him.

  5. I keep thinking that McCain’s running mate choice would keep him from winning but what is scary is if he wins with such a poor choice.

    We all need to go out there and convince folks to vote.

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