new toy

Honda Nighthawk

So my husband bought a (used) motorcycle yesterday: a 1999 Honda Nighthawk 250. The guy he bought it from is going to deliver it, which is great. It gets at least 5 times better gas mileage than our Jeep Grand Cherokee, which is more than great. I’m kind of nervous; but at the same time it’s really very cool.

He also has an appointment on Tuesday to get his second tattoo. The design is still in process; but it will start on his back, wrap up and over his right shoulder, and then come about halfway down his arm. Also very cool.

One response to “new toy

  1. Motorcycle? Tattoo? When you were in high school, this w0uld have been my worst nightmare! Instead, he turns out to be the world’s greatest son-in-law. Go figure.

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