I love Home Depot

Our generator is almost but not quite exactly like this one.

Our generator is almost but not quite exactly like this one.

So I was driving home this afternoon and spotted a big hand-painted sign by the road outside our local Home Depot: “Do you want a generator? Come inside!”

Nah, I thought, too good to be true. But when I called, they said yes, they had lots of generators for sale right at the front of the store. A little while later I headed down to check them out. They had received a shipment of about 200 this morning, and thanks to the sign and radio announcements, they had about 30 left by 3:00 p.m. As I stood talking to the clerk, people bought another 5.

Doug made a couple of phone calls and learned that they hadn’t jacked up the price. A little while later, after some discussion, we became the proud owners of a 5,000-watt generator.

It’s running now, safely tucked away behind the house, well out of range of windows and doors. We have hot water. A cold refrigerator. A working computer (and working internet — I’m still not sure how the cable is functioning, but who am I to argue?). A working lamp. We’ve been made incredibly happy by these comparatively small things.

Even if we only use it for one day, it’s worth it, because of the peace of mind we’ll have during future power outages. (And living in a wooded area like we do, there will be future power outages.)

Thanks, Home Depot, for making my week.

4 responses to “I love Home Depot

  1. I guess I can safely say that you’ve managed to seize power? ;)=

  2. You’d better believe it! 😀

  3. i dont understand, why were you excited for a generator? they are sold everywhere

  4. Generators were NOT sold everywhere around here during the last week, because all the stores sold out on by some time Monday. Keep in mind that we had 300,000 people without power on Sunday. Early in the week, Home Depot was reporting that the nearest generators they had were at their Nashville, TN stores. There were pictures in the paper of a huge line of people sitting in lawn chairs waiting for Lowe’s to get in a shipment of about 20 generators. So when our local store got a shipment, it was a Very Big Deal — and that’s why they sold 200 of them in less than a day.

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