the vet didn’t vet — let’s not end up with regret

Saw this courtesy of my friend Jack.

As the video says, “It hasn’t happened yet…” Let’s make sure it doesn’t. If your state will let you vote early, do it today. And if you have an hour (or 5, or 10) to spare, head to your local campaign office and make some calls or knock on some doors.

Help make sure that next Tuesday, the result is one America won’t regret.

2 responses to “the vet didn’t vet — let’s not end up with regret

  1. No it has not happened yet
    But just in case
    I’ve hired a jet
    I’ll pack up and leave this place
    Take a trip to outer space
    See the pyramids of Mexico
    Or to Canada I may go
    Fleeing out of fear you say
    It’s unlikely I could stay
    But my passport’s out of date
    So I’ll have to find a mate
    In the province of Saskatchewan
    Or maybe the state of Yucatán
    Just give me 150K
    It’s the least amount to pay
    For the clothes do make the gay
    I’ll take my faery self away
    Only to return someday
    And vote against them once again
    McSame, Moosebuger, and Liberman

  2. This is so good (but scary) that I can’t wait to share with friends — those who’ll agree, and those who (I can’t figure how some of my seemingly intelligent friends can’t make up their minds) are still vacillating. If their indecision results in a McCain/Palin win, it will be too late to alter the mistake. Just look at what’s happened in the last four years!

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