some of my parts

Married 12/20/87

Gave birth in 1991 and 1995

Current pet count: 4 cats, 2 dogs, 1 fish

Phi Beta Kappa; BA in Anthropology and BS in Industrial Management from Purdue; MA in Arts Administration from Indiana University (7 years of college, and my work has nothing to do with any of it)

Freelance editor and proofreader for the following at the moment: Manning Publications, Peachpit Press, Studio B, and Wiley

Member of Celtic group Guilderoy Byrne; member of chorus Voces Novae

Cook dinner for 50-60 people at First Unitarian Church each Wednesday night; do occasional catering; bake for relaxation; love to make food that helps bring people together and makes them feel good (the way to people’s hearts is indeed through their stomachs)


5 responses to “some of my parts

  1. Wow…I should say you are an interesting person. BA and BS from Purdue and a MA from Indiana and you have settled for a simple and a satisfying lifestyle. Really interesting

  2. Thanks, AK, and thanks for stopping by.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog…I am only beginning to have a bit of a browse here…interesting to get all that education and then not use it… I did the same with my first degree BA but my second MBA is being used to its full extent plus some…will post my favourite choccie cake recipe soon and blog about the virtual coffee and cake experience that went with it….maybe you’d like to stop by again some time.

  4. Not to be forward or anything, but what kind of tattoos? What type of imagery is what I’m asking? Just curious. I’ve seen tons of tattoos around the waterfront.

  5. Hi
    I discovered your blog through a wild internet ride on the back of search engines fueled by the keyword, humanism. We’re probably about the same age (I have a teenage son about to graduate high school), and a 10 yr old, and I’m a creative humanist who, when not doing my freelance day job (writing, editing, content development), designs Sticker ShOck ART — -free thought messages in a mini-medium (not much larger than a postage stamp) that we can post on our personal items and in unused public places, turning these blank spaces into temporary, mini billboards that deliver counter-punches to the current dogma. I hope you’ll check out these tiny tools for conveying a zap-shot of intelligence at Sticker ShOck ART is not a business–it’s my passion, along with being a progressive educator, Obama supporter, activist, and creative free thinker trying to raise ethical, compassionate kids. I love your blog, your writing style, and your perspective! Keep on keeping on. Thanks for reading this, and all best wishes to you and yours…
    Los Angeles, CA

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