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I’m a bright blue dot

At church on Sunday we were checking out bumper stickers on other Unitarian Universalists’ cars, and spotted one we’d never seen before: a bright blue dot.

This is a nifty, positive approach to advertising one’s Democrat-ness in a Republican wilderness. (Sure, some of you are lucky enough to live in blue states. But some of us are fairly drowning in a conservative red tide.) The Bright Blue Dot people have stickers, hats, bibs, and t-shirts; and every month from now until the election they’re making a donation to the campaign of the Democratic contender their buyers most prefer. (Lately it’s been Obama, but with my order, I cast a vote for Edwards.)

We chose to go with a more nationally oriented message for our dots:

You can get 5 stickers for $7.50, with free shipping, and hand out dots to your friends. Very cool. I’ll be on the lookout for for dots from now on!


My mother was recently in Key West and picked me up two new pieces of political bling for my car (otherwise known as the Democratmobile).

One is a sticker that celebrates W’s last day in office; it’s available from, along with keychains, buttons, and lots of other date-imprinted miscellany.

The other is a magnet that makes my political affiliation abundently clear — as if it wasn’t already. You can find it at Blue Q. And by the way: I like the idea of the bumper magnet, which is easily removable. I do worry that a scandal-crazed Republican will pull it off my car and shred it to pieces with his or her teeth in a frenzy of longing for the good old days of the Grand Old Party; but hey, someone stole my Darwin fish once, and I just ordered another one.

I was pleased (and a little surprised) that on vacation in the land of Jeb Bush, no one made any obscene gestures at us while we were driving. On the contrary: An airport limo driver honked his horn and gave us a thumbs-up, and another guy pulled up beside us in traffic and told us that he and his wife had been greatly enjoying our display of messages as we inched our way through Ft. Myers. But maybe I shouldn’t have been surprised — after all, as a friend pointed out, half of Florida voted for Kerry. Politically speaking, we were probably more at home there than we are here in the bright red state of Indiana, where I tend to think of myself as one of the few; the proud; the Democrats. At least, until Nov. 4, 2008; maybe by then my state’s Republicans will have had enough of what they wrought…

asses of evil

A couple of days ago, Tim told me about a bumper sticker he’d seen. It featured the faces of George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, and Donald Rumsfeld, and with them, the words “Asses of Evil.” I’m delighted to say that I’ve found the source of the sticker and that mine is now on order.
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