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one froggy evening’m delighted to announce that we’ve solved the Case of the Phantom Frog.

First, you need to know the following bits of background:

  • My husband is president of the teacher’s assocation, as well as a teacher, and he does his association work on a laptop. Said laptop sits on a drafting table next to the kitchen. (Yes, the table’s top is laid flat, not tilted as it would be for an architect.)
  • The association uses an AOL account for email.
  • We have a home wireless network, so often the AOL account is sitting open even when my husband isn’t using the laptop.
  • My kids’ first-grade teacher collects frogs. (Not live ones, but, you know, frog stuff. In a very serious way. Her classroom overflows with froggy items.)

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phantom frog were all sitting in the living room last night playing Mexican Train dominoes. The assorted animals were resting; the TV was off; the fire was crackling.

When from the next room, unmistakable and clear, we heard: “ribbit.”

It was without doubt a frog, speaking a single amphibious word.

But there was no frog