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parental statement of the day this evening (Halloween)…

Our neighborhood is hilly and sparsely populated, with few opportunities for serious trick-or-treating. So, our son requested that we drive him to an alternate neighborhood offering easier walking and more households handing out candy. On the way, it was raining, and we were relieved when it stopped just as we arrived. The neighborhood was full of cars and excited, costumed children. Coming toward us down the sidewalk as we parked was a somewhat damp and frazzled-looking dad with two children, maybe ages 6 and 8. When I got out, he was saying to them…

OK. We can go trick-or-treating. Or, we can go to Target, and I’ll buy you each two bags of candy, and you can eat all of it.

Alas, we didn’t hear the outcome of the negotiation that surely followed.

overheard statement of the day

I was shopping for Halloween costume items with my kids at Caufield’s Novelty, a wonderful costume, prop, and makeup store. As we were checking out, a clerk at the next register called out loudly (presumably to someone taking care of stocking shelves):

No price on the bloody corpses!

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free admission! all you have to do is…, you have to eat a live giant Madagascar hissing cockroach. Then you can get into Six Flags Over Kentucky Kingdom‘s Fright Fest free of charge.

Ready to go line up at the gate for your turn? The big bugs will be served from silver platters by ghoulish chefs.

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