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back home again, in Indiana to Indiana, my home state, where we always vote for the Republican presidential candidate, 19% of pregnant women smoke, and, apparently, a state law is required in order to stop people from shtupping the nearest livestock:

Sexual relations with animals would be a crime in Indiana under a bill designed to toughen penalties for animal abuse.

A House committee on Wednesday unanimously approved the bill, which was introduced after a man was charged with stealing a chicken and killing the animal while having sex with it in northwest Indiana. …

The provision would create a uniform standard for the state. Some cities and towns outlaw such acts, but the state does not.

“I think our constituents would be surprised to learn that bestiality is not a crime in state code,” said Rep. Eric Koch, R-Bedford.

The legislation would make sex with animals a misdemeanor in most cases but a felony if the animal “suffers extreme pain or death.”

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