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happy Mother’s Day! very special welcome to my mother, whose surprise Mother’s Day gift is a new Toshiba Satellite laptop. She’s been online for years, using WebTV. But that system has a tiny capacity when it comes to loading web pages, so she hasn’t been able to read my blog (and a log of other interesting online stuff).

Plus, WebTV uses the phone line, so whenever she’s online, we can’t get her on the phone. (OK, she lives next door, so it isn’t that huge a deal, but still.) We’ve hooked up a high-powered router to our computer, so she can benefit from our broadband wireless while kicking back on her bed (a bonus of her being so close).

To her, I say, enjoy your first computer. Have fun getting sucked into the black time-hole that is YouTube (and the rest of the Web). We’ll always know where to find you. 🙂

I love you!!