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mama, I want to sing

Happy, happy. I’m back in Voces Novae.


Way back in the misty past, in high school, I sang in the Louisville Youth Choir with an incredible director named Frank Heller. Years later, Frank decided to start an adult chorus with some of the LYC alumni, and Voces Novae was born. I sang with the group since its inception; but I felt the need to take last year off, because I had just started singing with Guilderoy Byrne, work was chaotic, you name it — I needed my Monday nights for myself.

But I missed it all year. When I went to the November 2005 concert, I was ready to cry because I wanted so very badly to be up there, sharing the beauty of the music. So I auditioned this summer to regain a spot, and I just got the call.

I’ve missed singing soprano. In Guilderoy, I use my alto/folk/chest voice; in Voces, I use my soprano/classical/head voice. I’ve got a big voice with a large range, and it will be fun to use all of it by singing in two such different ensembles.

If you enjoy choral music and you’d like to support an outstanding nonprofit choir, buy a CD. (Heck, buy several — they make great gifts.)

Happy, happy!


her mind is Tiffany-twisted

Inspired song lyrics
(a list in progress)

Fever, when you kiss them
Fever, if you live and learn
Fever, ’til you sizzle
What a lovely way to burn
—Michael Buble, Peggy Lee, et al; Fever

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synthesizers just don’t mesh with the Middle Ages

Tonight we were watching The Thomas Crown Affair (the wonderful 1999 version, with Rene Russo and Pierce Brosnan, which I’ve seen approximately 25 times — not the 1968 version, with Steve McQueen and Faye Dunaway, which screams “60’s!” in every frame and is awful). As the movie began I was reminded, as I am on every viewing, how important background music is to my enjoyment of a film and my ability to immerse myself in it.

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