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we’ve been Simpsonized!

Tiffany simpsonizedOK, this was just too much fun: We Simpsonized our family!

Doug simpsonizedYou, too, can Simpsonize yourself thanks to a clever marketing site set up by the Simpsons movie in concert with Burger King.

Note that we had a pecular technical issue: The Simpsonize Me site works on our old laptop, but it won’t work on our new PC. Every time we try it on the PC, we get a message that the site is too busy, and we should try later — the same thing happens in Firefox and IE. But on the laptop, we get inChloe simpsonizedstant access every time.

Also note that you need to pay attention to the site’s photo guidelines: head shot, high

Will simpsonized

contrast, color, high resolution. Try anything else, and it won’t work.

Once you get rolling, you’ll want to Simpsonize everyone you know. You can save the images, save them as buddy icons, and (of course) buy stuff with your image on it (along with the movie and Burger King logos). Very clever, and very cool.