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track the words used in the State of the Union speech

The New York Times has a fascinating tool you can use to search the State of the Union speech for the number of times the president said any particular word. It gives you the number of times he said that word this year and in each of his previous SOTU speeches, and also compares the count to his use of assorted other words. And, it shows you exactly where the word appears in the speech, and will give you the text of the paragraph. Very nifty stuff.

For example, this year he mentioned terror and terrorists 22 times and Iraq 34 times. In contrast, he mentioned the economy 8 times and schools only 5 times. word-counter claims that he said “nuclear” 3 times last night. But we all know what he really said.

to listen or not?’m currently debating whether to listen to the State of the Union address tonight. As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t bear the sound of W’s voice. Particularly when combined with his smirks and odd gestures, his words just about send me over the edge. So, given that I’ll disagree with probably 99.782% of what he says tonight, and that the cumulative effect of being subjected to watching and listening to him for that length of time will be akin to having my skin flayed by tiny, laughing imps wielding red-hot irons, I may skip it and read the analyses.

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