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guilty pleasure

OK, I admit it: I love watching American Gladiators. A new season started last week, and I’m looking forward to my Monday night fixes.

This is just about the only TV show I watch on a regular basis. Mostly, the television is for me a vehicle for watching movies. But Gladiators is big, over-the-top, muscley fun — professional wrestling meets reality show meets hand-to-hand combat in a glitzy, highly produced format. Hulk Hogan! Ali’s daughter! Blood, sweat, and tears! Determined contestants giving their all in front of their cheering families!

I’ve figured out that one of the reasons I like the show is that the women compete in exactly the same events as the men. Even the Eliminator series of events at the end of each show is identical for both sexes, including extreme tests of both upper- and lower-body strength. Sure the female gladiators wear skimpy clothes, but hey, so do the guys.

No excuses: I love this show! 🙂

movie page updated

I’ve finally updated my movies page with my personal take on the 11 movies I’ve watched since the end of October (I have a feeling I’m missing a few; maybe I’ll remember them later).

While putting together this list, I thought back to my television watching in general: Since October 31, I’ve watched a grand total of 1 hour of commercial TV (that doesn’t include the Orange Bowl; it was on, but I wasn’t really watching — just keeping track of the score). I’ve probably seen another 2-3 hours of public television.

Give me a good movie over a sitcom every time!

must (not!) see TV

Swedish state broadcaster SVT has admitted a “huge blunder” after a porn film was accidentally shown in the background of a news bulletin.

A five-minute news update shown at the weekend included explicit scenes from a Czech porn movie on a monitor behind the anchor Peter Dahlgren.

(entire article)


Apparently the Swedish audience didn’t mind a bit. Given the U.S. tendency to devolve into mass hysteria at the sight of a nipple during prime time, I wonder what the response would be if this little kind of little mishap occurred during, say, a broadcast of “The O’Reilly Factor”?