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time flies

Today is my 19th anniversary. Where did all that time go? I’m very fortunate in that they’ve been extremely happy years (other than a few downturns caused by unavoidable life events). But — almost two decades! Whoa! It truly doesn’t feel like it’s been anywhere near that long.

How is it possible that my daughter will start taking driver’s ed in a month or so, and have her license all too soon?

How does my 11-year-old son have the right to suddenly be taller than his mom and wearing his dad’s blue jeans?

And, of course, how come if I still feel 23 inside (well, OK, not 23, but maybe 33), I don’t get to keep looking that way outside, too? 😀

It’s a wonderful day, even better than 19 years ago. Tonight I’m having dinner at a new and very eclectic restaurant and then going on a drive to look at Christmas lights. My family’s winter vacation starts at the end of this school day, and Christmas is just around the corner. Life is good.