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that’s what I like to see

Courtesy of the fine folks at Gallup, a graph depicting a president who is totally tanking in the popularity and effectiveness departments:


Oooh, wait, this one’s even better!


Here’s Gallup’s bottom line on their poll results (bold mine):

President Bush has maintained a relatively high degree of support among members of his own party, but among the large group comprising the almost two-thirds of Americans who disapprove of his performance as president, attitudes are intensely negative. Half of all Americans, and 78% of those who disapprove of Bush’s performance as president, say they “strongly” disapprove.

I heard him on the radio yesterday talking about Pakistan, and I swear he sounded like a second-grader trying to imitate a grown-up. No words of more than two syllables, spoken in his squeaky, no-ending-consonants, I-skipped-the-Toastmasters-course-and anyway-I’m-confused-because-nobody-likes-me-any-more style.

Pardon me while I shake my head in disgust and say “I told you so…”