amen to that

My friend Tim wrote an excellent and thought-provoking entry today, titled “Questions of Faith.”

I may be an atheist, but to this I can only say AMEN. These are exactly the sorts of questions that I wonder about regularly, but directed at all religious bodies, not just Christians.

All of the world’s major faiths profess to be about peace and love, and yet very little of either is evidenced in their words and actions toward the rest of humanity. It seems as though the members of all faiths who believe themselves to be the most pure and the most devout display the highest degrees of insularity; fear of the new/different/unknown; resistance to rational thought; and willingness to behave in irrational, contradictory, and often violent ways.

I do my level best to maintain my open mind and tolerance regarding religion (despite the regular condemnation of atheists and humanists as being the source of all evil in the world — have those who condemn me looked in the mirror lately?), but it’s increasingly difficult as peoples of all faiths seem more and more desirous of molding the world to suit their particular brand of theism and of stamping out all skepticim and alternate beliefs.

So many wars, so much violence, all in the name of God, and all promulgated by people who claim to be devoted to the sanctity of life. So many children are being raised to hate, in the name of their God. And now, families I know personally are rejoicing in the Middle East war because they believe it brings the world a step closer to the Second Coming.

Surely the God in which billions of people place their blind faith would prefer that those billions serve him by taking care of each other and the world, rather than ransacking the planet to prove that their way is the only truth. But come to think of it, that would make them humanists — and apparently, to them, that’s the worst possiblity of all.


5 responses to “amen to that

  1. Great, great post. I entirely agree. I tried to respond to Tim’s questions too, but not with such elegance.


  3. This is my favorite topic to talk about and my least favorite to write about, too depressing. The problem with the majority of today’s incarnations of religion is that they aren’t actually about peace and love. Though they may have started out that way, they’ve now been warped by their most fanatical elements into tools of manifest destiny. For many, Islam and Christianity are the religions of tolerance, charity and love, for just as many it is the sword of their God sent to help destroy their enemies.

  4. This topic can definitely be depressing, and overwhelming, and sometimes frightening, as when I read or hear one of the right’s frequent references to atheists-as-root-of-all-evil. What did all the kind and loving atheists, humanists, and pagans I know do that’s so terrible? Why are we lumped in with terrorists as a world threat? How is it that a lack of belief in God makes me evil and doomed, when my fondest wish is for a peaceful and harmonious world? It’s tough to be an atheist raising progressive, open-minded children in a largely close-minded world.

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